October 27, 2016


“Right organization is the first step towards success”

The Antriksh is not only a name that represents reliability and high quality construction but it is also best organization to build a successful and smooth career. Following its philosophy of working hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction, the group has emerged as an inspiration in the real estate sector, across the country. At the same time we understand the value of hardworking employees and realize that no organization can grow without the support and talent of creative employees. At Antriksh we felicitate and acknowledge of the hardwork and talent of all our employees and provide them with growth oppurtunities because we understand that we grow when they grow.  Till date, The Antriksh has delivered more than 50 projects, in major cities across India.Our team works in a harmonious environment which has helped us to achieve things that are often considered truly impossible to achieve. This environment allows our team to hone their skills and earn considerable experience.A perfect working environment awaits you, at The Antriksh, which offers you a way to grow while at work. The work environment is designed to make you feel comfortable through the provision of a fabulous atmosphere.The unique work culture, at The Antriksh, is a result of opportunities that are offered to each individual member to shine through.


At Antriksh all our employees are provided with a very healthy and progressive work culture. Once you become a part of The Antriksh, you find yourself on a platform which is designed to offer countless opportunities for learning and overall development. A healthy environment is maintained by the employers so that the members of the Antriksh family can work comfortably. The work is properly organized and explained and the responsibilities are carefully delegated so that you could learn to handle the work and pressure perfectly.  The work culture at Antriksh does not only bring out the best potential of the employees but also prepare them for higher positions and greater jobs.  At Antriksh all the opportunities are designed to offer you a chance to shine through and make a mark.



The career path designed at Antriksh is smooth and stress free. Through positive motivation the employees is guided towards focused growth and success. We understand the diverse talents of all our members and accordingly the work and responsibilities are given to ensure the best interest of the employee and the organization. The leaders at Antriksh make sure that a healthy conversation takes place so that responsibilities can be clearly explained and the doubts can be cleared easily.  None of the employees are overburdened or are given with any work that does not suit their personality and skills. At Antriksh we truly believes that organizational goals and individual goals work hand in hand thus all our efforts are focused on the achievement of the organizational goals while offering the perfect opportunities for career enhancement.